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Security, Housing & Land Development Section

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To ensure that the implementation of PPP programmes for the safety, housing, Local Authority and land development sector is effective and fulfills Government goals such as:

i.    achieving high economic growth through increased investments and smart partnership
      between the public and private sectors;

ii.   attaining Value for Money through effective costs and optimum risk distribution;

iii.  increasing efficiency and productivity;  

iv.  optimising national financial resources and public and private sector expertise; and

v.   identifying new and innovative business models for implementing PPP projects in order to have stronger cooperation
     between the public and private sectors.

Planning, evaluating, coordinating, negotiating and monitoring the implementation of public private partnership projects in the safety, housing, Local Authority and land development sector through the following activities:

•    processing and reviewing initial proposals and need statements for projects

•    coordinating the preparation of project tender documents

•    evaluating the financial proposal of a project in order to approximate the concept of "value for money"

•    negotiating terms and conditions for concession agreements in collaborationwith the Attorney General's Chambers and
     relevant agencies

•    preparing concession agreement drafts

•    preparing Cabinet Papers to validate the finalised terms and conditions of an agreement

•    handling implementation issues for privatised projects and evaluating whetherto pursue with privatisation projects or
     revert to their prior status.

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