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Infrastructure II Section

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To ensure the implementation of PPP programmes for effective infrastructural development and to achieve the Government's objectives as follows:

i.    To achieve high economic growth through the increased investment and smart collaboration between
      public and private sectors;

ii.    To obtain Value for Money through cost effective and optimal allocation of risk;

iii.   To improve efficiency and productivity;

iv.  To optimize financial resources and expertise of public and private sectors, and

v.   To identify new and innovative business model for implementation of PPP projects in order to create a
      sustainable collaboration between public and private sectors.


To plan, evaluate, coordinate, negotiate and monitor the implementation of projects for public-private partnership in infrastructure development in particular for departments and agencies under the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry and the Prime Minister Department through the following activities:

•    processing and reviewing the initial proposal and need statement projects

•    coordinating the preparation of project tender documents

•    evaluating the project'sfinancial proposals to meet the concept of value for money

•    negotiating terms and conditions of the concession agreement with the Attorney General's Chambersand
     relevant agencies

•    preparing concession agreement drafts

•    preparing the Cabinet Council papers for approval on the terms and conditions of the finalized agreement

•    managing privatized project implementation and evaluating whether to proceed with the privatization or

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