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Project Monitoring & Secretariat Section

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  • To ensure that negotiations and implementation of projects under PPP (including the Facilitation Fund) are
    carried out smoothly within the allotted time; and

  • To ensure that Public Private Partnership Committee Meetings (JKAS) are held in an organised manner.

  • Monitoring negotiation (pre) and implementation (post) performance achievements of PPP projects
    (including the Facilitation Fund) according to the allotted time;

  • Coordinating Negotiation (pre) and Implementation (post) Status Reports for PPP Projects (including the
    Facilitation Fund);

  • Managing and updating the project database;

  • The Project Monitoring Committee Meeting Secretariat with YAB Prime Minister, Y.B. Minister in the Prime
    Minister's Department and UKAS Management, JPM;

  • Preparing, monitoring and coordinating the Key Performance Indicator reports for private investments for
    Y.B. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and UKAS, JPM;

  • Organising project site visits for UKAS Senior Management, JPM;

  • Coordinating Presentation of PPP Project Proposals at JKAS Meetings; and

  • Public Private Partnership Committee Meeting Secretariat (JKAS).

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