Integrity Section


To ensure that all functions, roles and activities under UKAS are implemented transparently and with integrity, and adhere to all specified regulations.


  • Implementing programmes to strengthen integrity and noble values;

  • Strengthening the effectiveness of good governance;

  • Implementing awareness programmes against corruptions, deviation and abuse of power;

  • Providing consultation services to UKAS personnel regarding deviation, abuse of power and corruption;

  • Preparing UKAS Integrity Plans such as the UKAS Code of Ethics

  • Implementing the Value Audit Management System (SPAN);

  • Ensuring that the Integrity Pact is adhered to in projects involving UKAS

Management Service Section

To ensure the support servicesassistance in financial management, human resources, information and communication technology (ICT), the administration, security, asset and logisticmanagement is provided efficiently and in  compliance with the laws and regulations so that all department activities can be implemented with excellence and quality.

To provide support services which includes:

  • Human Resource management and development

  • Financial Management

  • Information and communication technology (ICT) Management

  • Administration

Sections Profile

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Legal Section

To provide quality and professional legal advice that is in accordance with the Federal Constitution and Malaysian law within the stipulated time by taking into account the public interest, justice and benefits to the nation.

  • Providing legal advice on all aspects of law related to the matter at hand.

  • Drafting or checking legal documents such as legal notices, privatisation agreements, memorandums of understanding and other legal documents for which the Government is a party to ensure that its interests are protected.

  • Assisting in interpreting the law when required.

  • Conducting research or studies on legal matters when required.

  • Participating in agreement negotiations related to Government projects, particularly privatisation and public private partnership projects.

  • Attending meetings and providing legal advice on matters discussed in order to ensure that all policy decisions made by the Government adhere to the law.