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Karen Ang Huay Mein

Karen Ang Huay Mein

Senior Principal Assistant Director

Pejabat: Policy and International Relations Section

(+603)-8880 5954

karen_ang [AT] ukas.gov.my

Katharine Devid

Katharine Devid

Senoir Assistant Director

Pejabat: PPP Fund Section

(+603)-8880 5912

katharine [AT] ukas.gov.my

Khairy bin Mohd Sidek

Khairy bin Mohd Sidek


Pejabat: Administration Unit

(+603)-8880 5824

khairy [AT] ukas.gov.my

Kogilla Rajagovaloo

Kogilla Rajagovaloo

Federal Counsel

Pejabat: Legal Section

(+603)-8880 5872

kogie [AT] ukas.gov.my

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